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Physician Compensation Analyst - Altru

    October 19, 2023


    remote type
    Remote and Onsite
    Grand Forks, ND
    time type
    Full time

    Pay Range: $57,824.00 - $86,756.80



    The Physician Compensation Analyst I provides compensation support and analysis for the Director of Total Rewards, Physician Compensation Committee, President, Medical Directors and Directors, Manager of Provider Recruitment and other leaders as needed.


    Essential Job Functions:

    • Assists in maintaining market competitive compensation programs and pay practices by gathering information regarding current compensation practices such as base salary rates, production rates, administrative rates and other pay programs. Analyzes the information by comparing market and/or internal equity. Assists in determining the financial impact on Altru Health System and/or department(s) and any other resulting adjustments needed. Delivers recommendations to the Physician Compensation Committee. Advises Leaders and Providers on compensation philosophy and practices including researching best practices and supporting with innovative pay models where needed. Collaborates to provide analysis and guidance for pay decisions, policy and guideline interpretation and job evaluations. Reviews Physician contracts to ensure compensation is processed correctly and that all pay increases are accurately applied in the HRIS system and production calculations.

    • Participates in annual salary surveys from a wide variety of outside consulting groups/organizations and takes appropriate matches for Altru positions and reports data. Annually reviews the value of each survey and makes recommendations for changes.

    • Participates in human resources information systems management and serves as a liaison, super user and resource for the designated human resource information management systems and databases. Heps develop Compensation guidelines and performs structure maintenance to ensure compliance with contracts and rates.  Maintains compensation dictionaries regarding base salary pay, production pay, administrative pay, call pay, etc.

    • Provides support to payroll team and acts a resource for physician and APP compensation models. 

    • Reviews various calculations and spreadsheets for accuracy and completeness and prepares various payroll system uploads.  

    • Identifies and prioritizes information needs, research and consults compensation and leadership team for best practice solutions, compiles and organizes information, performs data analysis and visualizations, and presentations in conjuncture with the compensation and leadership team. Assists in developing plans to assist with strategic initiatives and planning at organizational and individual department levels.

    • Creates a variety of reports for internal and external customers. Compiles and analyzes data to prepare information for studies/surveys, regulatory compliance reports, auditors, accreditation surveys and other special requests. Assists in the creation of monthly reports and financials for month end reporting and financial accruals.

    • Has basic and developing knowledge of federal, state, and local compensation laws and regulations to ensure compliance. Builds awareness and knowledge base of current trends in the labor market, compensation technology trends, compensation legislative activity and health care/industry trends which may impact strategic objectives. Supports the annual Fair Market Value analysis of physician compensation and understands and helps ensure compliance to federal Start, Anti-Kickback, and other laws and regulations that deal with physician compensation.

    • Performs other duties as assigned or needed to meet the needs of the department/organization.



    • Driver's License with Acceptable Driving Record | Driver's License - Current State Licensed | Prior to Start Date | HR Primary Sources



    • Required: Bachelors - Related Field




    Work Experience:

    • Preferred: Related Experience


    Physical Demands :

    • Sit: Continuously (67-100%)



    • Stand: Occasionally (5-33%)



    • Walk: Occasionally (5-33%)



    • Stoop/Bend: Occasionally (5-33%)



    • Reach: Frequently (34-66%)



    • Crawl: Not Applicable



    • Squat/Crouch/Kneel: Rarely (1-4%)



    • Twist: Occasionally (5-33%)



    • Handle/Finger/Feel: Continuously (67-100%)



    • See: Continuously (67-100%)



    • Hear: Continuously (67-100%)


    Weight Demands:

    • Lift -Floor to Waist Level: Sedentary (<10 pounds)



    • Carry: Sedentary (<10 pounds)



    • Push/Pull: Sedentary (<10 pounds)



    • Slide/Transfer: Not Applicable


    Working Conditions:

    • Indoor: Continuously (67-100%)



    • Outdoor: Rarely (1-4%)



    • Extreme Temperature: Not Applicable


    Driving Requirement Definitions:

    • Professional Drivers: Persons who drive as their main responsibility OR transport passengers or hazardous materials.
    • Frequent Drivers: Persons whose main responsibility is not driving, but drive daily or almost daily.
    • Occasional Drivers: Persons who drive from once per month to as frequently as once per week.
    • Infrequent Drivers: Persons who are generally not expected to drive.


    Driving Requirement for this position:

    Occasional Driver



    Reference ID: R2663