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    Chapter Meeting--Secrets to Making Diversity Work

    Date: June 21, 2012, 1:00pm – 4:30pm
    Kristin Dehmer
    Development Homes, Inc
    3880 S Columbia Rd
    Grand Forks, ND
    Free for Members, $65 for non-members
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    Presenter: Koustas Voustas

    Secrets to Making Diversity Work

    Diversity, Harassment, Stereotyping, and Respecting Differences


    With creativity, humor and real life stories, Kostas Voutsas reaches everyone in his audience as he dynamically explores secrets to successful communication when dealing with generational, gender, and cultural differences in today's workforce.

    Whether working with your colleagues or customers, this keynote will have valuable information that will empower you to break the barriers and prevent unnecessary biases, conflict, stereotyping, and misunderstandings.

    Travel with Kostas to the U.S., Greece, China, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Canada and throughout the world and explore strategies to making cultural diversity work. Discover his secrets to managing gender and generational differences. And please, share these secrets with the world!

    Learn about the human and public relations costs of not dealing with diversity and harassment as a systemic organizational change. Recognize how cultural and other differences affect productivity and how that translates to the bottom line of an organization. Discuss how diversity and harassment management can enhance the competitive edge of an organization. Learn how to change the entire organizational culture and get support from the top and throughout the organization.

    Introduction or Personal Biography:

    Kostas Voutsas has been teaching Management and Human Resource courses for over 15 years. He is a Professor of Business at Dickinson State University (DSU) in the Bismarck location. He is also an author, a corporate trainer, and motivational speaker.

    Kostas received the distinguished teacher of the year award, the highest faculty award, the outstanding teacher of the year award, as well as the TRIO outstanding faculty award from DSU. He also received two outstanding presenter awards from Eastern Michigan University and the Clute Institute of Academic Research.

    Kostas delivers humorous dynamic presentations at national and state conferences and publishes his research in scholarly journals. He also serves as a consultant conducting individualized training/professional development seminars.

    His book Secrets to Making Diversity Work also discusses gender, cultural, and generational differences. Kostas also writes articles for the City Magazine.

    Kostas has a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development and a Master of Business Administration degree.