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01/2012 Meetings & Events

    January 2012
    Date Event Type
    January 19 Chapter Meeting Meeting
    January 31 Board Meeting Meeting
    February 2012
    Date Event Type
    February 1 to February 2 ND SHRM Leadership Conference Conference
    February 16 Chapter Meeting Meeting
    March 2012
    Date Event Type
    March 6 March Board Meeting Meeting
    March 15 Chapter Meeting--Creating a Culture of Resiliency and Well-Being Meeting
    April 2012
    Date Event Type
    April 3 April Board Meeting Meeting
    April 19 Chapter Meeting--HR Metrics/Health Care Reform Meeting
    May 2012
    Date Event Type
    May 1 May Board Meeting Meeting
    May 17 Chapter Meeting--North Dakota Workforce Connection Meeting
    June 2012
    Date Event Type
    June 5 June Board Meeting Meeting
    June 21 Chapter Meeting--Secrets to Making Diversity Work Meeting
    June 24 to June 27 SHRM 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition Conference
    July 2012
    Date Event Type
    July 3 July Board Meeting Meeting
    July 19 Chapter Meeting--Roundtable Meeting
    August 2012
    Date Event Type
    August 7 August Board Meeting Meeting
    August 16 Chapter Meeting--Unemployment Insurance Employer Workshop Meeting
    September 2012
    Date Event Type
    September 4 September Board Meeting Meeting
    September 20 Chapter Meeting--Wage and Hour/ADA Amendments Act Meeting
    September 26 to September 28 2012 NDSHRM Conference Conference
    October 2012
    Date Event Type
    October 2 October Board Meeting Meeting
    October 18 Chapter Meeting Meeting
    October 24 Northern Valley Career Expo Conference
    November 2012
    Date Event Type
    November 6 November Board Meeting Meeting
    November 15 Chapter Meeting Meeting
    December 2012
    Date Event Type
    December 4 December Board Meeting Meeting
    December 13 December Social Meeting